Kawasaki Custom ZRX Prototype Unveil in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo, Japan May 2015 – Team Kawasaki together with design engineer Cinko Del have released a prototype build of a custom Kawasaki ZRX1100.

In a tribute joint venture build, this Eddie Lawson Super Sport of the 1980’s was revived for the 21st century.  Features include fully redesigned geometric wheel base and riding position, along with a non-restricted full track model exhaust custom built from Yoshimura R&D, a neighboring motorcycle performance company also based in Japan.

The engine was redesigned after the late model Kawasaki ZX11 and includes both the higher compression pistons, and their race cams set on performance double valve springs,. The above, along with an unrestricted ECU produce significant increase in power at 140 rear wheel HP and 91 pounds of torque.

As impressive as the power stats sound, they are just a piece of what  makes this unique build so wonderful. From the fully integrated Muzzy searing stabilizer to the performance  Ohlins suspension and front fork and rear swing arm bracing, this machine runs the track as well as it handles the street.

A promising design from Cinko Del and team Kawasaki, keeping both vintage style and new age power, make this Prototype a 5 star build we can only dream to see on the streets in the near future.

ZRX1100 In downtown Tokyo, Japan

ZRX1100 In downtown Tokyo, Japan

Photo Curiosity of Washington Charter 2015 – Release for free usage within public domain

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